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  • Twinks Died in Wrath, giving alot of Veteran's reason to part away from WoW, Smurf Accnt inbound Overwatch Pro, #Pizzahut Carried Community
    My dad's been playing hide and seek with me for 18 years, i still haven't found him :Kappa:
    oh shit... i'm late for my brotherhood meeting at my local park, to the larper's :Kappa:
    free btag name change option available prior to overwatch launch ,
    outtabans exposed, the words u say, and how you can use them, is higher then your ego, go cry to mvq now
    gets banned on vquality for reason's of having something i'm not supposed to, first time back in awhile bam i'm on a roll #GM abusive power
    long live young 19 tink ret pally fukknut 2016-2016 u are forever missed, fuck blizzard
    3 day suspension on wow, feels like 3 years, but it's alright were in WOD, FeelsGoodMan
    Driving home today i saw this big dude on a nice Orange Harley, only too see him also wearing a fedora... What would u wear riding a Harley?
    Did healers get banned from TC team's yet? Man at least its safe too say rogues will be the last on the exstinction list
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