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  • After conversing with AdSense, we have received a green light on using the word twink on the website, and the censoring has been lifted.
    Do anyone know who in the community the donation on the TC Indiegogo by 'accarleton' was from? Please get in touch with us if you do.
    I have also gone ahead and hidden the feature slider and top ad banner on mobiles. I'm testing out ways to better streamline the experience.
    I added the ability to temporarily hide our custom ad banners below the feature slider.
    The Undermine Journal is again offering item notifications. Happy hunting.
    Some members are able to change their titles due to permissions that carried over from TI, which is an unintended side effect of the import.
    @Nodoka Currently the general public lacks permission to change the user titles, but we have some ideas on how to integrate that soon™.
    You can still manually refresh characters, and while we apologize for the inconvenience, we hope to have it up and running again soon.
    Due to some issues with the ladder, we have temporarily turned off the CRON entry that pulls ratings from Blizzard.
    We're doing some bugtesting on the feature, and cannot guarantee it'll stay forever. If you see any bugs, please do report them.
    The option is located under 'Preferences', which can be found by hovering over your user name at the top right of the website.
    I installed a new profanity filter on the website, so those of you that wish to avoid the censorship can now opt out of it.
    The extra user info below avatars next to posts (messages, likes & trophies) are now hidden by default. Hover over the avatars to see them.
    I mentioned in a previous status update; it's a new system to combat spammers we're in the process of adding. It's not fully functional yet.
    It's a new system we're currently developing, but it's not fully functional, and shows up for everyone regardless of post counts.
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