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  • The primary reason we went with the green color was to pay homage to TI. It also helps to have something for new players to strive towards.
    Twinkinfo solved this by using titles, but badges allow us to have a greater number of them without causing issues with vertical spacing.
    If we want to have username colors then we also need to have a second layer, because it is possible to have more than one rank at a time.
    Orange is for contributors, and we will release a badge to go with veteran and grandfathered once we find a fitting design.
    I'll be trying various color schemes moving forward, so nothing is set in stone. Some of you will be glad to see the pink color back though.
    It's for veterans currently. I too admit that it fit better on TI because of the background colors.
    Twink Cup contributors can now vote on which username color the rank retains moving forward.
    The closest we have to an app currently is Tapatalk, which for some make the forum easier to navigate while on phones.
    I have to spend some time re-polishing the group feature after updating it, so I'm going to have to take it offline for a little while.
    The contributor user group is awarded to people who donate $10 or more to the Twink Cup.
    Seemed more appropriate than the resurrection icon. We're open to new ideas, but so far it's proven hard to find something suitable.
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