Zelpher/Chi,raq's 29 Holy Paladin Guide.

Discussion in 'Submitted Guides' started by Zelpher, Feb 12, 2016.

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    29 Holy Paladin Guide.

    Discussion in 'Level 29 Twinking' started by Zelpher, Jan 12, 2016.

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      Aug 22, 2011
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      I stack Int=Stam=Haste the best way I can.
      Stam is for how I get focused so much also a dead healer isn't healing.
      Int=Haste for how I can cast my Spells quickly since this is a burst braket and have decent spellpower for output of heals.
      I also try to stick with mail as I can for extra armor, if you're a Holy Paladin use that to your advantage.

      For healing, always use Holy Shock after you flash of light cause of the Glyph of Flash of Light, for extra healing and for burst healing on demand for entering combat with a friendly target low on health and not enough time to cast a flash of light.
      As for burst damage, it's situational, if the low health focus target is low enough to get a kill use Holy Shock, Judgement and Crusader Strike if you're in range.
      Word of Glory is for 3 Point Holy charge when healing a teamate for mana conservative reasons and always use after flash of light for the flash of light glyph.
      My gear is based as mail as much as I can cause of defensive reasons.
      LoH's is saved for clutch moments, when you need to save FC or a Top DPS Teammate.
      With my haste always throw in a Denounce on the top Healing enemy or top DPS opposite team DPS to cancel out their crits if your teams health permits the time.
      If you play Holy Pally you have 2 outs.
      Trinket/Racial and bubble, use it wisely.
      As a Holy Paladin, your main focus is keep you flag carrier alive. Remember that.
      Always dipell DoT's off stelthies on your team when they are going for restealth, also a row of +2-3 more DoT's of anyone, and Freezes of your Melee teammates. Keep Fear, Polymorphs and Avenging Shield Silence dispelled off teammate healers your first concern though.
      Taunt pets off teammates since you're a tank healer and if time and health permits.
      If you're going OOM take a step back get out of combat and drink and hope your team pops some defensive CDs.

      Human becaus of extra trinket slot.
      Haste Trinket because of stacking haste gear and haste enchants.
      Defending Champion because Vers adding to human racial and extra health right on time for a defensive cooldown.

      Glyph of Flash of Light, with my haste percentage and spellpower, that +10% Healing adds up to alot at the end of a match.
      Glyph of Mounted Kings, For the buff that only you can get at 29 with that glyph, nothing wrong with +5% to stat.

      VialCooldowns to keep track of CC's.
      HHTD to spot healers easy to peel/CC.

      Necklace, Rings, and Cape. Stack haste.
      Boots I use +5 stam, as a focus target and with Speed of Light I find +5 Stam more useful than the 10 % movement speed.
      Mark of Wasong, because of adding to haste, plus in one PVP scenario, it can proc multiples times and refresh the proc. And Holy Paladin burst healing is the best.
      Sapphire Spellthread has most Int with Stam for a enchant to go along with gear/enchant setup.
      Spellpower for that extra spellpower.
      +5 Stam I find is more useful than +2 to all stats, you are only gaining +2 Int, +2 Stam and +2 Spirit in the end.
      Greater Inscription of the Charged Lordestone I use is for the haste and Stam.

      Speed of Light, very useful for kiteing and catch up to teammates.
      Glyph of Mounted King, for the buff.

      If my Holy Paladin Guide isn't noted as "Guide Author."
      Then this site is not Twink Information worthy.

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