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EU <Wrathsent> Level 80 tink Guild On Ragnaros (A)

Discussion in '80-89s Guild Recruitment' started by Turkoiz, Apr 27, 2016.

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  1. Turkoiz

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    <Wrathsent> is a a brand new Level 80 Twink guild on - Ragnaros EU -

    As of late it seems that almost every twink bracket is deader than ever before and I aim to unite those who wish to relive the Wrath days under one tabard @ Ragnaros EU.
    I have seen many requests for such a guild and believe there is a fair amount of demand for it but most who try their hand at making a guild seem to fail due to lack of experience.
    I was GM of a guild that lasted from Early Cata to Late MoP, it hit level 25 and stayed alive for very long with weekly events and a thriving community.
    I've also been the leader of a level 60 twink guild on Argent Dawn that managed to finish a few raids before eventually succumbing to competition (back when the level 60 bracket was alive.)
    What I'm trying to say is that this will not be my first time being the head of a guild and I believe that I have more than enough experience to keep the guild going strong for as long as there is interest in level 80 twinking.

    We will be raiding 3 times a week and doing every raid from Naxxramas to Icecrown Citadel in the order in which they were released.
    The raids will start at 10 man normal (or 25 man, depends on how many people we have at first) and going as far up as we possibly can with the goal being 25man HC on every raid.
    Raid schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm (GMT). The raids we do will vary depending on current progress.
    In addition to raids, we will also be doing Heroic dungeons to gear up.

    There will not be any PvP events at first but we aim to do weekly 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments later on.

    -General Rules-
    Max level is 80, anybody higher will be removed.
    No gear from expansions higher than WotLK in raids and no heirlooms (even if they're WotLK).
    No gear from raids we haven't yet completed as a guild. (If you've been boosted in ICC and we haven't completed it yet, you can't use your gear from ICC.)
    No gear from difficulties we haven't yet completed as a guild. (No ICC 25 man gear if we've only done 10 man and no heroic gear if we've only done normal.)
    Enchantments from all expansions are allowed.
    No monks but all races allowed.
    There are no profession limitations – If you can make it, you can use it.

    How to join
    Add me at Presistan#2263 or type /who Wrathsent in chat and whisper any online player (The last method won't work yet, guild is brand new as of making this post)
  2. Erodex

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    i couldnt find anyone on the who list there.. i recently twinked and i wanna do some LK raid/dungeon hc-s but i couldnt find any active twink guild are yours still active or am i too late to join

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