EU+US WoW's 15th Anniversary - Timewarped Badges, Marks of Honor & Epics

Discussion in 'Level 20-29' started by FiveSpice, Nov 7, 2019.

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    For those slow on the uptake, like me, here's a walk-through that ties together a few bits of info I'd missed or couldn't work out:
    1. How to get Timewarped Badges OR How WoW's 15th Anniversary works.
    2. How to spend your stash of:
      1. Timewarped Badge
      2. Mark of Honor
    3. Where are people getting those pieces of Purple gear which are only listed on Wowhead as blues e.g. Frostwolf Advisor's Pendant?
    Based on a Level 20 Horde Veteran with no Sub - other factions are available. Here goes:

    Earning Timewarped Badges
    1. Start at Pathfinder's Den - the Portal Room just inside the gates of Orgrimmar
    2. Go downstairs to the lowest level - a room with just one portal, "Portal To Caverns Of Time", and use it.
    3. Mount up and ride right into the Caverns of Time (Tanaris).
    4. In the main cavern turn right (anti clockwise) & head the the point shown on this map:
      1. Caverns Of Time Map.jpg
    5. Here you'll find Historian Ju'pa with a blue quest mark over his head - accept A Time To Reflect.
    6. (I believe there's an Anniversary Gift in the mail for me that would lead me here, but since I have no sub, no mail for me. :()
    7. The quest says: "Correctly answer one of Ju'Pa's questions about the history of Azeroth.". This seems bugged in that clicking on him again does not always reveal a question. The first time I tried this I gave up, but found that clicking on Historian Lore, who stands opposite him, will also reveal a question which will complete the quest. Trying on other alts revealed that both are inconsistent but keep clicking and eventually you'll get a question from one or other.
    8. The answers to all the questions are listed on Wowhead here: listed on Wowhead here.
    9. Hand in the quest to get some gold, some experience if that's your thing and, more importantly, this year 5 Timewarped Badges.
    Spending Your Currency
    1. Get to Hillsbrad Foothills (I use the flightpath at Strahnbrad in Alterac Mountains and head a short way south) and find Time-Displaced Jorek Ironside. (He's marked on the map on Wowhead.)
    2. Exchange your currency for tasty purples.
    I hope that helped.

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