What do you use your Assembly notes on?


Outpost Building Assembly Notes

I know I want the trading post, to get access to the Laughing Skull rep (because I am a completionist). But the tavern is also nice for the additional followers.

Trading Post on main for rep.

Glad sanctum on alt for acc wide achievements and titles.

Inn on alt for 40 follower achievement or whatever it was.

Comprehensive Outpost Construction Guide

No idea what to get with this one, the barracks allow for the achievements for the bodyguards, but the war mill makes getting follower equipment a ton easier

100% Barrack for bodyguard rep.

You will get the equipment anyways eventually.
Is this one useful only for the Bodyguard ability? Are they all available to f2ps?

Im mostly saying it as a collectible, shows up in your rep bar and there is an achievement tied to getting the rep.


Only a few of the body guards are available
Remember, you can get two Assembly notes on one character even as a f2p with quest phasing (unless they've fixed that).
What is counted as "finish zone"? A specific quest chain? Also, can we get a second Construction guide as well or only for the Notes?
Only the notes sadly. Basically 'finish zone' means doing the last quest where you storm the docks which reward you said notes. Just know that you have to be in party sync the whole time, since if you leave the group you loose all your progress.

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