Twinking to farm in the open world?


Did you try it and did it lead to nice one-shots?
Or is it better to just reach lvl 70 and farm lvl 61~ zones in the dragon isles?
I was thinking of a lvl 60 Druid, but i'm not sure if there's any spot where he could shine for fast kills and gold farming.
In bfa people would do herb farm on 110 instead of 120 because with no gear the 110 didn’t have any danger running thru mobs vs a 120 with no gear.

people also did this for skinning toons

The 60 farmer twink can also participate in old world farms in chromie time if party-syncd, but a 70 would scale to be very weak with template in party sync

Other than a DF zone skinning twink, not really sure if it’s worth vs 70.

you can’t lock xp at 60, this might need to be done as a 59 too. No idea if 59 can go to dF

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