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Hi there,

Here is the list of activities for February 2024

With the lunar festival we are able to get some

150 pcs for
- 10 Elder's Moonstone
unfortunately I was not able to finish the two other activities

- Eat a Festival Dumpling and shoot a Festival Firecracker

Was not finished although I accomplished the requrements

- Complete the Lunar Preservation Quest
the quest seems not to be available (at least in current timeline)

was not yet at the traders post to receive the trader tenders
Does someone know if we are able to earn more trader tenders this month?

This month there are cheap items available at the traders post
for only 10 trader tenders

For only 100 trader tenders

Are we maybe able to gain 1000 trader tenders this month?

This post brought me to the idea for this post

Would be interesting if we would be able to complete some of the cataclysm timewalking activities, because this is only possible till 6th of February. Not sure if I will find the time to test it till this date. Would be great if you would write your experience.
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I've been testing this out lately on a F2P acct.

Did get 100 Trader's Tender for Call of the Scarab.
In January, I was able to get 100 more from completing 25 quests on a brand new character.
My friend got 100 from creating a new character to 11 (gain 10 levels)
But we were unable to get any more.
-I created a new character and raised it 10 levels, NO Tender
-Friend created a new character and did 25+ quests, NO tender
-We also completed the other activities that we could as F2P, but NO additional tender earned.

This month, tried again....
-Created a druid and raised to level 11, got the Traver's Log activity popup msg, but NO Tender rewarded.
-Took Cata timewalking and completed 25 quests in Kalimdor and 25 in Eastern Kingdoms, NO tender
-Also gathered 50 fish, 50 ore, 50 herbs, and 50 skins in both Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, NO tender
-Did 15 quests with War Mode on, NO tender

When I logged my 20 druid on, he got the Traver's Log activity popup msg for Lunar Festival completed (had done it last year), but NO tender rewarded.

So, I don't know how this works but am continuing to try things out.
Every task have a points, every time when you reach 200 points - you can loot from chest 100 tokens.

Without subscribe you will not see in the game how much points you have now, so that need use calculate and will check how much points can give current tasks from Traveler's log.

I already indicated which tasks can finish without subscribe + how much points can receive for the tasks and now in February (the truth on Russian..) (if not opens, copy and paste in adress bar of your browser)

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