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I'm confused why you think me having 10k is good on the majority of maps. I do negative damage, so anytime I get a teamfight map my team essentially has 9 players.

Everyone loves a raid boss.

So I was told on Reddit.
Holy shit why are you guys trying this hard to keep the guild you hate on the front page??
oh man we had someone named allisucks or something join the other day n curse us out then quit. "you guys only roll in 5mans etcetc". there were 4 ppl online and i was farming boes at the time so...

The 15man is arguably more fun tbh
You're licking a lollipop mr. potato, u shouldn't be talking. Also L2poly as ur buddy said @Notorious1

aye now psyduck keep me out of your internet bullying, i dont wanna be attached to any of this nonsense. Im just here for the super dank post about how bad I am all the time.

Man dont get me started again finally finished first 20 and this is all alli has to show??

Real talk, everyone from that previous screenshot has either quit or rerolled hunters.

SAG off meta specs still dominate BGs

Well, I do enjoy throwing my dots around.
we can move your thread out of this and/or change the OP btw, just lmk if you want

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