State of the 60 Bracket - US


Your Favorite Gnome Death Lord
So I logged into the Alliance SL 60s com this afternoon, and I see a conversation about gearing, and how some folks REALLY didn't like the news they were hearing...

Firstly, Velianne is entirely correct. Hording gear now, isn't going to help come season 4. It will be obsolete, the same as it was with any S2 gear stockpiled when S3 rolled around. In other words, there is no point in farming for spoils for next season atm.

Second, the bracket is too small at this point, and the only time we have REAL games going is when everyone is on the same page and logging in together. Case in point: as some folks saw, Wednesday night, trying to BG-- during our LONG established weekly raid time-- yielded no games popping the entire time we were in the raid. This is largely due to both Horde and Alliance 60s participating.

Lastly, if people want to set something up-- like say for example, psuedo-war games, or anything else really-- I would encourage those folks to reach out to me. It is highly unlikely I would shoot you down.

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