So, they did "Buff" hunters, again. (lol)


If your pet dies and you are, as hunter, ressurect it you are more likely will "resummon" it - body will be still on the ground, so other ppl, like priests, could ress it.
Gotta go conquering Azeroth. Hunters are OP. *mic dropped*

So essentially, once your pet dies you just resummon it? Or have someone else resurrect it and rez it the same time?
Nah, when your pet dies you should ressurect it with hunter ability, but this works weird and pet's body still will be on the ground, so you sent your pet on death again and again, so more bodies will be there for the next step. When you have enough bodies you should ressurect bodies on the ground with any other ability, so priests, monks, druids, or anyone else that can ressurect by targeting corpse. After that, body by body they will come to life (necromancer tunes), use your mount if those pets stuck, happens.

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