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US Shallow and Pedantic (US Alliance Azuremyst)

Discussion in '100-109s Guild Recruitment' started by Shunkley, Oct 9, 2016.

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    Hey all,

    Just throwing out a general invite. If you're interested in making a twink, want advice, want to see how to do a run or anything else you are welcome to join Shallow and Pedantic. If you're US Alliance get in touch with me regardless, I would like to try to setup some 101-109 raid groups for mythic HFC for trinkets for the fun.

    SnP is my small "family" guild, so there's a 110 raid group, but I'm the GM and well, It'd be nice to have more people to do stuff with on the twinking side of things. So if you want to make something, want to join in on runs, or anything else my battletag is Eromis#1845

    If you are interested in making a twink, I'm offering limited assistance. I'm not made of money, but I have been scooping up 800+ gear that ends up on the AH cheap, you'll have priority over other people when it comes to AP speed runs, and hopefully if there's enough interest we can make a community out of it. I have a lot of things I want to try like world boss raids, destroying 110s as a group in the dalaran sewers, and seeing how far we can push these twinks all around.

    In my opinion, the strongest 101s after more research right now in no particular order.

    Outlaw Rogues
    Blood DKs
    Enhancement Shamans
    Arcane Mages
    Prot Paladins (the Mythic HFC trinket with how there AP scaling works causes them to heal for 200k+ when they drop below 95% health, every 12 seconds, and it does the same amount of damage around them as an AoE, seriously guys you get this trinket titanforged you will be OP)

    And again, if you don't want to make something here, still add me, especially if you're alliance. I'll answer any questions and we can still cross realm and do Mythic HFC.


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