[RP] [OoC] Create a backstory/lore for your character!

Discussion in 'General Offtopic' started by handsomedgc, May 14, 2019.

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  1. handsomedgc

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    I recently saw a post from @Light asking about a subforum for roleplaying. As a avid roleplayer myself I thought that it was a amazing idea. To get everyone in the mood for some roleplay I want to use this threat as a starting point. In this thread you can leave your characters backstory. This wil be written OoC (Out of character). You can write a enormous backstory for your character or keep it simple and clean.

    The way you add a character is simple. Link the characters armory (we won't judge) followed by there name and title. After that you can start writing your backstory.

    I want everyone to be able to write a backstory for their character, but to keep this thread troll/derail proof there need to be some rules. These currently are:
    • Don't use leet/1337 speek.
    • Don't create a god character.
    • Avoid sentence like 'Epichunter likes to pwn noobs in the gulch'.
    • Don't assign stats to your character.
    • One character per armory.
    For everyone who is new to roleplay and is looking for tips to get started.
    • What goal does your character have?
    • Does your character have any special traits?
    • Does your character have any activities besides war? Maybe (s)he is a parttime cook?
    • Keep your character lore accurate (So no orc druids shooting chaosbolts, sadly).
    • It is better to start small, and expand on your story.
    Hope to see some cool and interesting stories about your characters! Also keep in mind that if there is enough interest that I might create a IC [In character] post were you can roleplay as your character.
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  2. icehawk

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    Here goes.....
    Iceháwk the Horderbreaker. Son of Icehawk Snr.
    His dad was a creator, building trinkets and scopes, studying the art of engineering. He was a peaceful man who rose to the occasion during the days of the Lich King, and fought many battles up until he met the Pandaren culture and fell in love with it.
    After witnessing their peaceful existence, he chose to down his weapons and retired to Lor’Danel in Darkshore.
    It was in Darkshore that he began to teach his young son the skills of a Hunter.
    So Iceháwk Jnr spent his childhood playing in the forests of Darkshore. He mastered the craft of Hunting at a young age, but was unable to advance much further due to his dad’s retirement.
    So one of Icehawk Snr’s scope customers, Icebear saw the young and aspiring Iceháwk Jnr and took him under his wings.
    Under Icebear’s tutelage, Iceháwk became an apprentice Beast Master, learning the in’s and out’s, watching his Master from the stands in many arena battles.
    But like Icehawk Snr, Icebear also chose to down his weapons prior to that horrid Legion Invasion. He was too tired to keep the fight up.
    This is when Iceháwk Jnr, having learned important skills, decided to take up the fight for himself.
    He visited one of his dads good friends, Arctichawk, a banker by trade, dealing in Jewels and also some of the magic arts, who provided some amazing scrolls which proved useful to him.
    Then one more time he went back to see his dad in Darkshore.
    His dad handed him a special gift for his travels, a scope which only few in the land could craft.....https://www.wowhead.com/item=70139/flintlockes-woodchucker.

    Iceháwk then hugged his dad good bye. He turned, and walked off into the distance........

    His first major battles were when he fought in the Legion Wars, protecting Azeroth, and since then has taken up the cause of the Alliance, fighting with all his might!

    The Horde are starting to take notice of the one they call The Hordebreaker. Rumours are reaching all the way to Orgrimmar........

    He is Iceháwk the Hordebreaker. ;)

    Screenshot below - A young Iceháwk from 2015. He's since learned to wear the heavier mail armor :p
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  3. Oldpunk

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    I love this, especially the dad & son dynamic <3
    BTW omg Ice Sr's transmog looks incredible!
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  4. Crystalpall

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    Let's move this thread a bit!

    An alchemist by passion and a Paladin by profession, young Crystal quickly found out that away from Exodar's safe haven and on the road, nobody pays good coin for your herbs and tinctures. A couple of silver for a potion that could one day save your life? One that would let you breathe underwater? Run quicker than a cheetah? No, those were close to worthless for the various merchants of Azeroth and Crystal came to a realisation - if you want to get really rich, you have to get your hands dirty. Go into the deepest, dampest dungeons and tunnels and vanquish undead to relieve them of their treasures, in the name of the order of course. All that, to fund just one more tick next to an idea in her personal bucket list.
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