To super specify, yes currently in retail, for 20s the bracket queues are separated. Meaning that xp enabled do not share queues with xp disabled characters

About 2 years ago, blizzard changed the rules for 20s, both f2p and unsubbed “ vets” and lumped them in with xp disabled characters

As a 20, you can be subbed and xpdisabled and still queue for BGs. In NA at least pops are very slow and don’t really pop until late afternoon/ evening EST times

If you plan to play as a veteran unsubbed account, you will still need to re-enable your xp before letting your sub expire in order to be able to queue. But it won’t change the fact that you’ll be in the xp disabled bracket queue.
You can lock your xp at any level. Although for anything other than 20-29 you're likely to see a lot of downtime between queue pops.

Also be aware that while 29 twinking has its adherents, most of the people here don't like it and the effect it's had on the bracket.

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