US Project 70 Raiding Guild in Need of Warlock

Discussion in 'Level 70-79' started by Bokranya, Jul 24, 2016.

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    Hello, we are in need of a skilled warlock that is dedicated. We are on Scarlet Crusade Alliance and we raid Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 pacific time. We need someone who knows their class, will always be on time, and is dedicated to getting sunwell down. We are two weeks into TBC coming off of two months in Vanilla. We will be heading into Black Temple in two weeks. Add bokranya#1990 for more info.

    Our current Raiding Roster
    Tank-Prot Warrior-Gurge
    Tank-Guardian Druid-Brandoh
    Healer-Disc Priest-Rubixia
    Healer-Resto Druid-J√°ybo
    Healer-Holy Paladin-Emjane
    Healer-Resto Shaman-Letsgo
    Dps-MM Hunter-Bokranya
    Dps-Boomkin Druid-Healzor
    Dps-Arcane Mage-Gposeventy
    Dps-Assasination Rogue-Dragnar
    Dps-Ret Paladin-Zendal

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