US <Not Today ISIS> Now recruiting Vets!

Discussion in '20-29s Guild Recruitment' started by DigitalChemyst, Mar 16, 2019.

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    With the recent changes to XPon/off queues, many brackets will no longer have the numbers they once did, including our own 39s. While my heart will forever be taken by 39s, I realize the monumental task of organizing wargames and queues will likely be the deathknell to this incredible bracket.

    The goal of this guild is to provide a community and support the XPoff playstyle for as many players as possible, with an emphasis on one or two brackets at a given time.

    With that being said, we will now be evolving to expand our roster to support Vet 20s! We have a well established guild bank with plenty of gold for repairs and consumables for maximum mayhem! Come on over to <Not Today ISIS> on US-Stormrage and support the Alliance!

    For those who are interested in playing 39s, we will still support efforts to keep those queues alive!

    Hit me up through btag(Animus#1219) or in-game (Axonn/Çthülhu)!

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