Hot New Background


Bracket Tourist
Post your favorites, we're probably going with a similar hue/contrast theme as the old one but lets see some ideas and I'll take them and edit them to fit the theme.

We'll take these and put em in a poll to let people vote
I like the Gurubashi and warsong, might be able to meld the wsg one together to make something at a decent resolution and not crazy ultrawide.

I'll also be posting a few I made last night, later tonight.
For the WSG pic even if its not something that can be working into the full wallpaper adding it as like a header could be nice if it doesn't clash with the end background too much

Yeah, I think WSG really captures it. Almost every bracket of twinks has historically been involved in WSG (Sans ones who can't do BGs, of course), and it also just is a great looking picture and area.

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