Mechagon is now available

on a higher level, after you did the basic BFA intro you start the nazjatar intro with or

at one point after completing most of the set up quests there will be a gnome/goblin there that will start the set-up for mechagon unlock

not sure if you took a high level did all the nazjatar start set-up, if that would allow alts and linked F2P accounts to get the quest at snug harbor FP and near the great seal FP
It won't. Nazjatar done (up until unlocking the world quests) + BFA Footholds done + Heart of Azeroth initial quest chain done is not enough. I have done everything on the list , there is something more.

i only did BFA when it was added to the basic game like one month or so on or before the SL prepatch. i messed up myself, because after you turn in some quests there is a long RP say talk which i did not pay attention to and left, then a quest would pop after which i missed or a NPC popped somewhere that i didn't notice and had to back track to actually establish were i was in the chain to do the branch off to other questline to unlock mechagon.

then after this quest the NPC for rustbolt will appear with a quest or
Maybe I skimmed it, but what must be done to get the first mechagon quest on my lvl 10? I have mechagon unlocked on other higher lvl toons. I'm not seeing the quest immediately available
make sure alt is in BFA time, quest should be available for alts after you do the initial intro at BFA snug harbor FP or near by the great seal FP. my account is a vet account i have had no issues with any of my fresh 10 to 20 level players. you may need to do a GM ticket, and don;t let them jerk you into saying it's a bug and we will look into it or put it on a list of honey do's.

blizz announced mech was available for leveling players months back, if you have level 50+ players that unlocked mechagon, any alt can start the intro directly to mechagon at level 10+.

F2P accounts that are linked to main accounts are able to see the quests too. only pure F2Ps are unable to see NPC for the quest to start mechagon from posts above

i created some fresh allied races that start at level 10 and 20. on alliance when i go or get sent to stormwind embassy there is a gnome inside with quest for horde i quess i have to continue to start into BFA unlock of zandalar
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you said earlier "Nazjatar done (up until unlocking the world quests)" the early intro to the zone unlocks that. i believe that triggers the intro mechagon line. also said "I have mechagon unlocked on other higher lvl toons"

has your higher level done the full intro to mech, the FP to mech, show the daily quests there, rares are marked or shown as stars? if so, you need to get up with the blizz
Just purchased Scouting Map: The Wonders of Kul Tiras and Zandalar Toy and it gave me the unlocking Mechagon cheevs and Nazjatar also. Krom Stoutarm in Iron Forge is the NPC i bought it for 10k. Maybe it will help?! I was on a 70 tho...
my account is vet SL capped, also F2P account attached via Bnet. all players had the quest start at the main city FP in BFA, other day i made some 10's and 20's to check. all the alliance that zoned into SW had the mechagon start in the ambassador building in SW. i attached a SS of a 10 i made just now of a
level 10, just arrived, quest in SW embassy. now a GM might say it's for allied races only but not the case for me, older races at 10+ i got the unlock at main city FPs

added another SS, of the same 10, did not take the quest in SW, started the BFA intro line, did the skip at SW harbor, after i unlocked the sanctum of mages in snug harbor NPC at the quest appeared near the FP

i do have some drak race players i made during the 3 days free, but i never took them past 58 or did anything, i have never bought the FP BOA unlock toys for any expac

alot fo GMs at times are not aware of the changes done in the game. they may also be speaking in legalize at times. technically mechagon unlock is not account wide. but, having done it on higher level player techincally enables a skip for alts to directly to start the mechagon unlock directly. obviously months back they opened mechagon for leveling level 10+ they made the NPCs appears in SW embassy and main city FPs. had to be a blue post, or mmo-champion, wowhead, etc announcement. i discovered it was unlocked when i saw the gnome quest giver at snug harbor FP.

blizzard had to get bug reports or GM tickets back in Sep 2023, the alliance side was bugged after you did the quests at the vault and could not continue, horde side was bugged at mechagon during the unlock quests and could not go past the drill rig construction. those were fixed along with some other things.


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I'm trying to see if I can unlock Mechagon on my 20 hunter. I just locked my XP and subbed for a month for the Revitalizing gem, so I'm trying to unlock allied races and whatever else I can while I'm subbed. Here's what I've found so far: my 20 cannot see Gila by the flight master, but two of my lvl 30s (that dinged to 30 with banked XP) could get the quest as soon as they completed the Sanctum of the Sages BfA intro quest. My highest level on this account is 30. So it looks like Mechagon unlocks sometime between lvl 21 and 30. My 30 shaman has almost no quests completed, so I don't think there can be any kind of quest progress that contributes to unlocking Mechagon (other than the BfA intro). I'm going to level a character from 20 up to see if I can pinpoint what the requirements really are.

I'm also leveling up to 40/50 on one character to see when Allied races or anything else unlocks.

Update: Reaching level 40 allowed my level 40 character (only) see and accept the quests to unlock the five allied races. Nothing for my 20s yet.
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