Lock or Priest?

Discussion in '29s (Vanilla)' started by Cyclone, Sep 17, 2020 at 1:12 AM.

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  1. Cyclone

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    Hello 29 community,

    First off, I recently came back to classic and WoW in general as I miss the old twinking days (haven't played seriously since Cata). I'm wondering if there is anything new I need to learn (other than relearning jumps)? Also are there any popular twink discords or are the ones in the pinned post the active ones?

    Secondly, I know this may not get many replies as the 29 section doesn't seem to get the same traffic as others, but I am hoping to gather some opinions on which class to choose first. I'm currently looking at either lock or priest. I enjoy both classes and also have the benefit of having nearly all the gear for either. I was potentially going to play the priest mainly as shadow, but would obviously have a standard priest set. Just looking for some opinions, or pros vs cons to either. Obviously I'll end up having to decide for myself which I'd enjoy more, but doesn't hurt to ask around before committing.

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  2. Jackodawacko

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    Hey there,

    Glad you're cruising back to twinking. 29 bracket is doing pretty healthy right now (US).

    For the discord, this is the most populated/helpful for getting any questions answers or just overall community: https://discord.gg/p739j5b

    For the class discussion: I honestly can't help you there since I play Rogue/Mage. Locks are not seen as much in this bracket but can do some serious damage. Best bet would to go the 29 section of the discord section in "Chat" and ask your question there. You'll get a ton of people that are ready to help you out!
  3. Miles

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    If your into the priest people are gonna expect you to heal and dispel. As shadow with shadow damage gear your sacrificing allot of mana your gonna need to do those things. I'm not saying you can't run a balance dps build for fun but if your looking to run in the premade scene as a spriest it's pretty much nonexistent.
    Lock on the other hand as Jacko described is poorly represented in the bracket. They can do tremendous damage if played right but you'll be sacrificing hp to do so which leaves you an easy target if your positioning isn't right. Allot of the locks in the bracket are bad for the most part. They run into crowds spam dotting hoping for some kbs.

    In the end it's your call like you said.

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