Legacy 30 Lvl 30 Dungeon Tourney Announcement


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So I'm going to repost this as one clear and concise reference for people for the tournament we are holding on June 29th and 30th. I'll word it so It's straight forward and Accurate. I'm sorry it took me so long.

Level 30 exp locked on Retail WoW only.
You must be in this Discord server to enter the tournament.

Teams of 3 players only. You may class swap and class stack all you want. No more than 3 members. No exceptions. EU and US are welcome to play.
You must submit a team name with the members names to me by end of day Friday, March 29th, 2024 @ 12am US EST. You have till Midnight my time.
You NEED a team name Alias to go by. Commentators need to know what to call your group.
You MUST hit a MINIMUM of 80% mob kill count.
You MUST kill all bosses. Including optional ones. No exceptions.
Dungeon completion times will be combined as always and generate an overall time. Team with lowest overall time wins. (EU) and (US) leaderboards separately.
You may use https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/nova-instance-tracker (credit to Venomisto) for now to track your Dungeon time and how many mobs you kill!

The dungeons MUST be cleared in the exact way they are listed. The Dungeons are as follows:
1st: Skyreach (56 mobs in the Dungeon. You need to kill at least 45 mobs to reach 80%)
2nd: Darkheart Thicket ( 129 mobs in the Dungeon not including Dragon Eggs. You can kill the drakes from eggs to increase the counter. You must kill at least 103 mobs to reach 80%)
3rd: The Motherlode!! ( 230 mobs in the Dungeon. You must kill at least 184 mobs to hit 80%)
4th: HEROIC Ahn'Kahet: The Old Kingdom (158 mobs in the Dungeon. You must kill at least 126 mobs to hit 80%)

The restrictions are as follows:
You may NOT use Infinitely Divisible Ooze, or Shadowgrasp Totem
No invisibility potions. This excludes belt tinkers! You can use the belt tinker for invisibility.

The prize pool will be 3 Million gold on each side. The gold will be distributed to the top 3 teams from each region (EU) and (US) separately. Yes, this means that there can be a highest team score for EU and US.
1st place: 1.5 Million Gold (50% of total prize pool). Will be split evenly between all 3 team members. (33% each @ 500,000 gold each)
2nd place: 975,000 Gold (65 % of the remaining prize pool). Will be split evenly between all 3 team members. (33% each @ 325,000 gold each)
3rd place: 525,000 Gold (The final 35% of remaining gold left in the prize pool). Will be split evenly between all 3 team members. (33% each @ 175,000 gold each)

Dungeon scoring time example:
Dungeons completed and adding together the time it took to complete each one.
Skyreach: 1 Minute 22 Seconds
Darkheart Thicket: 3 Minutes 10 Seconds
The Motherlode!!: 4 Minutes 51 Seconds
Heroic Ahn'Kahet: 7 Minutes 18 Seconds
Total time: 16 Minutes 41 Seconds
This means that even though you may get the best time in one singular Dungeon, it doesn't automatically mean you win.

The event will have its finals on June 29th and June 30th. Basically during the Midsummer event.

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