is it possible to farm Shadowlands rep?

yes, see beerlover’s comment below:

Shadowlands reps (vet mostly, idk about f2p)

- Court of Harvesters
- The Ascended
- The Undying Army
- The Wild Hunt

All 4 duable now via weekly dungeon quests you can pick from Oribos

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+1 daily quest in Maldraxxus for Undying Army.

Now there are World quests appearing from time to time but some of them are as of right know not possible to complete.

- The Avowed

Farmable and very fast to do if you have some friends or high lvl alts accounts to speed things up. Wont write here on how its farmed, all you need to do is read he wowhead guide on that. All I did was farm souls/rares until exalted, took me 4 days.
This is exlusive for vets with a main that unlocked sl right?
Because i have a lvl 20 dh and did all available quests in all sl zones and there are no dailies popping up for me. Or do i have to set sl cromie time?
i’m not sure about chromie, but i can take these quests on my f2p (in oribos inn, go down 1 floor, there are the 2 quests). i think i was in sl chromie, since if you are in other timeline, sl dungeons require level 50.

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