ilvl 61 starter gear from BfA rares


I like to use the level 61 drops from BfA rares to gear new characters. There are, however, lots of them, so getting information from Wowhead is painful. I've attempted to make a web page that filters the drops by zone, type etc and returns a list of waypoints.

These drops fill all but neck, shoulder and chest slots (plate legs are missing too) and are usually enough to start soloing WoD dungeons.

I'm sure there are mistakes so apologies in advance for them; I'll fix 'em. Also apologies for the shocking lack of layout or style.
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nice work!
the “Adventurer of …” achievement pages on Wowhead have comments listing (almost) all drops of certain zones (except Nazmir, if i remember well), you could use those as a guidance to update your database. For example plate legs drop from Gahz’ralka in Zuldazar, as listed in comments of “Adventurer of Zuldazar”.
I got rid of all the items that were part of a set thinking those mobs weren't always up but it looks like that was a mistake
SIde note - the BFA set items do proc/work, but some aren't as efficient or stack well. Just need at least 2 so harder to keep as these are starter and when one of the pieces has a better drop. Most of these easier ones to get are legs, gloves and feet items.
Thanks for this. My dumb ass started questing in BFA, hoping to get some quest rewards to be ilvl 61. Was going to kill some BFA "rares" on the side. Then I found this post and pretty much filled all my slots in a few hours. Gladwin
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I looted Giant Yeti's Bowl earlier and it had level requirement of 50 as well. (Shield, Drustvar.) I was off spec (Enhancement Shaman instead of Resto Shaman), so maybe that makes a difference?
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