How to solo a dungeon with a rogue ilvl67 ?


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Hello all, i am a F2P player.

Is there any tips or item for solo WOD dungeon with rogue or it's impossible ? (i can solo WOD dungeon with all the other class ilvl61 but rogue i can't do it).

Thanks for futur answers.
Shadowlands chromie time. Que random dungeon finder for plague fall and deotherside

Get final boss trinkets to drop. Ooze and shadowgrasp totem

Back to present chromie time. Then run your WOD dungeons with ease.
You need the auch dungeonq uest chest to proc epic for the sland health regen gems to solo as rogue at 20 UNLESS you have ooze/shadowgrasp totem. so spam those slands dungeons my boy.

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