How to get 10g by level 10?

i hit the 1000 gold cap on a allied race character that starts at lvl 10 and comes with 1 gold upon creation with my exp still on the whole time

this is how i did it

step 1 make character (or have 1 ready and waiting )

step 2 wait for darkmoon faire to be up and go there (pay to get transported there so you do not discover zones)

step 3 go to the fishing vendor on the docks and learn fishing

step 4 start fishing till you get 1 bloated thresher (i normally get 1 every 20-30 casts)

step 5 right click the bloated thresher in your bag and collect your 10-30 gold +more trash to sell

doing this grants you no exp and up to 1k gold at a rate of 10-40 gold per bloated thresher including the trash vendor value
if alliance kill crithto in SW drops two items that vendor for 54g

DMF non elite wolves, drop two types of fangs, the massive fangs sell for 5g ea. these can be killed starting at level 1

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