Horde Route to Kul Tiras


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You might have different motivations to reach Kul Tiras. As a F2P lvl 20, mine was to collect Polished Pet Charms and pick up exploration achievements. Whatever your reason, traveling across the sea is not easy. After some experimentation I figured out a clear path to reach the Alliance city. The Tol Dagor/ Waycrest Manor method never worked for me. I've outlined my path below for reference.

Conditions: Set the timeline to BFA and turn off WM.


1. Take the zeppelin from Orgrimmar to Grom'gol.
2. Run and swim up the coast of STV and Westfall to reach the Stormwind docks.
3. From in the water hop onto the rudder of the BFA ship heading southeast at 23, 56. The ship's crew are aligned with Proudmoore Admiralty.
4. Get wrecked. There appears to be a barrier about a foot away from the ship. It transports you to the docks and the guards will delete you. If you don't trigger it for whatever reason, just ride the rudder to Boralus.
5. Run back to the docks and board the ship as a ghost.
7. Once you get to Boralus, run out to sea to die again (as a ghost) from fatigue.
8. Resurrect at the Spirit Healer at 80, 40. You can ride down to Castaway Point to set your hearthstone to avoid repeating this process.

You're now in Kul Tiras! Go explore and farm to your heart's content!


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Simple option: Check if Mechagon's chain is available to you (top of Zuldazar, goblin near the flyer). After a chain of quests, constant access to cool shooting ranges in the port.
Another simpler option: Queue for BFA Specific dungeon: Tol'Dagor
After killing last boss, talk to the NPC who will port you outside. Then swim to the mainland. Head to Anyport, Drustvar grabbing FPs along the way.
Once at Anyport, set your hearthstone there so you can get back to Tiragarde as needed.
From Anyport, can take the harbor master boat to Zandalar and its portals.
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