Hit the tertiary speed cap at level 60, are there other flat % speed boosts besides the Minor Speed boots enchant and Gift Of cloak enchant?


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Hi all, this is my first post here. I don't really twink characters but I guess in some ways I'm twinking my current character for maximum zoomies.

I'm currently running a paladin through all the quests and dungeons in the game using Chromie Time. I just have fun exploring and questing around. I don't have DF yet so I'm capped at 60 which works out great for me.

Thanks to the level 60 crafted Shadowlands gear with pure-air sail extensions, my speed stat is now capped at around 1000. So more speed stat will do nothing for me. I'm using the minor speed boot enchant and gift of haste cloak enchant for a flat 12% additional speed as well as the paladin talent for 2% movement speed. This all gets me to 163% on-foot speed, which is apparently so very close to crossing that threshold that puts you in a perma-sprint animation. It's a silly goal, maybe, but I really want to get my speed just a little higher so I can always charge around like an NFL linebacker.

I do have temporary speed buffs that put me over the line for a while - the charger cooldown, blessing of freedom, the psychopomp's speed potions, and the Windwalk weapon enchant - but I still crave that 1 or 2% more passive speed.

So my question - does anyone know of an item or enchant or long-lasting consumable that I can use as a level 60 paladin that will give me a flat percentage increase in speed now that my tertiary speed stat is capped? I've got the boot and cloak enchants and the paladin talent (obduracy I think), are there any others? I've looked into Earthen Netherscale Boots, the Arathi Basin boots, and the Golden Hare jewelcrafting trinket but it seems their speed effects no longer work or stack properly. I'm aware that Azerite Powers from BFA will eventually give me some more % speed but since I'm playing through the expansions in order it'll be a long while before I get to BFA.

Any help would be appreciated in my quest to be the fastest I can be!

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