Guide to how to Block!

Discussion in 'General WoW' started by pokspell, Apr 8, 2021.

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    Hello there!
    You might ask "why the hell do you want to learn us how to block in WoW? We don't even really do our movements dumbass!" and... you're right! ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

    BUT! Do you know how to calculate the Blocking Reduction damage when you block with a shield? (So only for Warrior, Paladin and Shaman, sorry for the rest of you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

    That's why I decide to do this!

    Let's begin!
    First thing first, definitions!

    On this shield, you have Armor and Block.
    The Armor determine how many Block amount you will have.
    The Block amount will determine how much you'll reduce the physical damages incoming to you.
    There is the Block Chance, that upgrade with some external things (like Protection Warrior/Paladin, etc.). By default, it's 10%. The Block amount is always 2,5 times the Armor of the shield.
    Finally, you can see (if you're not blind and know how to read) "Blocking reduces damages of an attack by 32,31%." THAT! THAT THING RIGHT THERE!!! It's super important to notice, as it will tell you how much you'll reduce your damages taken. Take note that the maximum Blocking reduction is 85% (the same percentage of people who won't or don't care about this thread).

    Now, the real things begin! (●'◡'●)
    Depending of the level of your target AND the Block amount you have, the reduction damages will be different.
    So there is the Formula to the Blocking Reduction:
    Block Reduction = Block Amount/(Block Amount + K)
    The next question you'll probably ask "Nice! But now...what's the 'K' ?"

    The "K" is a constancy depending of the level. Each level has is own "K"!

    There is the chart of the "K" of each level (and with how much the reduction is when you have 100 Block on a shield).
    Funny part, the game doesn't tell us the K of each level, so I had to found all of them by myself (I love math, so it was a real pleasure to trying to find that! :D ).

    And that's it! You only have to know that! Hope you enjoy useless information for most of you, as the game calculate automatically the blocking reduction, but those who like to do "
    theorize crafting" will enjoy this!

    I would like to say thank you to @Jonnes who inspire me to do that (we had a discussion about scaling stat for level 1 and we theorize about the blocking reduction damage, he began to do some calculs and I knew in my hearth it was not that, so I made my research as a math lover), and to the 60 random people who didn't know at all I targeted them do see what is the reduction damage for 100 Block amount!

    May the curiosity be with you!

    Best regards!

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    Gee thanks :kekD:
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    makin xpoff great again my good man

    (the same percentage of people who won't or don't care about this thread).
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    Glorious stat sheets.
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