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Hi everyone.
I'm a bit new with twinking so please forgive my noob question. :)
So currently I'm gearing up Druid and was wandering if its possible to obtain Resto and Feral Hidden artifact appearances on a brand new f2p acc.
Looks like neither require any reputation and/or level cap. Just curious if anyone can confirm if its possible.
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resto needs exalted with a legion faction (maybe wardens or valarjar?), feral looks doable, but no has ever confirmed it.
The only hidden artifact appearances i’ve personally seen is resto sham, arms war and tank dk (and i don’t play clothies, so they might be able to unlock it).
edit: @aislingyngaio had a blogpost about hidden appearances, if memory serves.
Thanks for the info, found that post! Looks like both are in "Possible but unconfirmed" category.. Feral looks less grindy, guess I'll give it a go
Feral is based off a hidden quest, which I remember looking up in wowhead to see if the quest ever completed and it never ticked on any of my 20s. Protection warrior and frost mage are similar, although you can earn hidden appearances for other specs fairly easily (arms and arcane), then unlock alternate hidden appearances through dungeons or HKs.

Edit to add: can also personally confirm that veng DH and destro lock appearances can drop from the respective summonable bosses, but good luck with the latter if you're a solo player.
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