Gearing a 60?


I've had a little look through the threads in here and noticed that PVP gear is apparently not available to purchase for 60's, so what are you guys doing for gear? I don't have DF so queues at 60 seem really fast and could be fun.
the procedure would be same as a 50 twink on a BFA capped account during SL

the ideal 60 would be a character you PVPd and raided during SL. then do not upgrade to DF or move the 60 to another account that you will not upgrade. to build a 60 now would require alot of SL mythic raid carries from high level guilds which there is little to no reason to

blizzard stopped twinking the previous expacs believe starting after WOD wiping PVP vendor gear to tmog badges at the end of expacs
[doublepost=1675364922,1675364377][/doublepost]hint...70 twink after DF you start NOW!
Sadly - unless you already have geared character you can't catch up to fully decked 60-s at all because Blizzard disabled Fated for raids couple weeks ago. Now all the gear even from raids are from previous season. So it's about 30-35 lvl gap compared to 311 PvP gear.

That being said you still can be pretty strong compared to 20-40k casual that runiing around in surprising amounth.
So as a 60 account without DF your only gearing option (aside from mythic sepulcher) is maxed Cypher gear from korthia, your 1 crafted piece and your 2 legendaries then? Am I missing anything?

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