Fun class for achievement push


What class would be the most fun for overall level 20 gameplay for questing/achievement points and maybe some PvP? With level cap and locked skills gameplay differs much compared to level 60 so I just wanted to hear your advises.
Hunter is easiest. 1 set op damage, pet for soloing dungeons and stuff.

Druid gives the most to do. Also the most versatile. Lots of sets to build for all the specs to swap around.
As a bit of an achievement pusher myself, I highly suggest you try the H-

Just play anything that is not Hunters.

...the class you think you would enjoy the most! Some classes can do it easier than others, but you want to make a character you're going to enjoy playing with for a VERY VERY long time. I made a fresh account the day of the Shadowlands prepatch and will only ever have ONE character on this account, and it's been the best experience I've ever had playing WoW.

Good luck and have fun!
In general, if you're looking for a long term F2P project you cant really go wrong with the hybrid classes. Druid, Pally and Shaman have all been popular F2P achievement hunting choices. This is because, over the years, they've always offered a great tool kit and strong solo potential no matter the expansion.

As people have mentioned, obviously, hunter is quite good and with the recent level squish/zone scaling almost everything is workable. So play the class that tickles your fancy
Come to Stormscale and we can team up if you're interested.
The only thing that is better than one DH are two DHs :KKomrade:
Back in the day (I don't know if scaling changed that) being a Paladin meant a lot of time saved doing corpse runs in endgame locations because you could bubble. The locations where you'd get oneshot as soon as you ressed and had to make 1-2 minute corpse run made me audibly say thank god I picked a paladin more than once.
Yall mentioning pvp classes is fking hilarious. There is more to twinking than PvP you dolts and shit like destro lock or arcane mage are definitely not the best pick for playing as a completionist.

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