Free Trial Accounts Cannot Perform That Action


Ummm... has anyone else noticed that they cannot queue for BGs on their F2Ps anymore? I keep getting a "Free Trial Accounts Cannot Perform That Action" when I try to queue for a BG.
This was bound to happen after the event

Unfortunately you seem to have kept your experience disabled after the free game time event ended

2 options (1 if you’re Pure FTP)

1) vet only: pay for sub, unlock experience and try to refund sub immediately

2) ftp only: open ticket explaining that this is a well known and documented bug preventing 20ftp and vets from queueing BGs. GM will be able to enable experience for you again, the vendor cannot at this point.
Thanks, that's exactly what it was. When they knocked the extra level off the Pook they also turned XP gains off and I cannot seem to turn them back on again. Hopefully they'll take pity on my plea.
I've had support be able to correct the error as long as I give them the character name and realm.
Woohoo!!!! Blizzard fixed the problem. Gave me a warning not to let it happen again but they fixed it. I hope next time they give us a head's up before they give us free time but in the meantime...

... looks like Pook's back on the menu boys!
I just hope that next time they decide to give us a free weekend they send us an email first. Don't ever want to have to go through that again.

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