[Force of Will] dropping from General Angerforge in BRD?


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Can anyone confirm that [Force of Will] drops from General Angerforge in BRD for level 20s? I've killed him ~20 times as a feral druid and have seen [Warstrife Leggings] a few times, but no trinket yet. I know RNG makes this totally possible but naively I'm down to a ~1.8% chance of not having seen it and would love to verify that this item indeed drops. When filtering item drops by class, Wowhead strangely doesn't show it dropping for any individual class but does include it in drops for all classes.

I also ask because there was chatter in WoW Classic about [Hand of Justice] originally dropping from General Angerforge and being switched to dropping from Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, with [Force of Will] possibly switching from the Emperor to the General too? (That's in classic, of course, but I'm unsure if they would have switched things up in retail or when.)

(Edit: can confirm that [Hand of Justice] can drop from the Emperor as a feral druid, so it's unlikely the General/Emperor switched loot tables.)
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Did you make sure you're in guardian loot spec? That's a tank trinket. (The only drop available for feral loot spec is the leggings, but guardian can drop both leggings and neck)
Well, I can't confirm the drop myself, but the Adventure Guide shows that it does drop from him and that is practically a confirmation. You will need to set your loot specialization to guardian as that's the only druid spec the trinket will drop for, according to the Guide. And, yes, RNG is RNG; you're at the mercy of 2 separate RNGs farming in BRD: RNG that you even get a drop from the boss in the first place and RNG that the drop is what you want. And, speaking of RNG being RNG, I have Ironfoe on 4 different characters, but only have 1 Hand of Justice. Don't give up hope, it'll drop; but, yes, RNJesus can be a real bitch sometimes.
Thank you folks! I wasn't checking the loot specialization but will set that to guardian and see how luck changes. Thank you so much! I clearly need to read the guide more deeply :blush:
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Changing the loot specialization did it! Seriously, thank you all! I'll make sure to pay attention to loot specialization in the future.


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