F2P reagent bags for those who missed out on DF prepatch event

Yes, those were found a few months ago, I had them documented in the Baseline guide back them.
3.6. Bags:
* Goat's Tote - 28 Slot bag, a guaranteed drop from a rare (Totes) that is always up.
* Addie's Ink-Stained Satchel - 26 Slot bag, reward from a quest (Note-Eating Goats) with no pre-requirements.
* Grummlepack - 24 Slot bag, reward from a quest (No Pack Left Behind) with a quick pre-requirement quest line in The Grummle Bazaar (/way 65.00, 60.78), takes 8-10 minutes.
* Vile Stalkerskin Pouch - 28 Slot bag, looted from a treasure chest, Demon Hunters only!
* Darkmoon Storage Box- 16 Slot bag, Darkmoon Faire
* Lightless Silk Pouch - 32 Slot bag, by far the easiest big bag to CRAFT with Tailoring (Shadowlands)
* Shrouded Cloth Bag and Hexweave Bag - 30 Slot bags, alternatives to CRAFT, even tho Lightless Silk Pouch is easy enough.
* Explorer's Pack and Thick Hide Pack - 18 Slot (expensive) and 14 Slot (cheap) VENDOR bags for temporary use.
* Convenient Crate - 16 Slot Reagent bag (the other 2 available to F2Ps are Henry's Handbag and Deviate Scale Pouch)
DF tailors can craft big ones.
You can just wait for The War Within prepatch when they make Dragon Isles the default leveling zone and get them with little effort.

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