Enchanting fixed

Can anyone tell me what the situation is with the Lifestealing enchant? With the enchanting changes this week, I thought I would check out this enchant for my 20 warrior, but I can't find the enchant in my spell book anywhere. It's neither in the learned nor unlearned sections. Do the skill books have secret recipes that don't show in the unlearned sections?

I can't imagine that they've taken it out of the game. Am I blind?
if you are any version of a unsubbed 20, you will need alot of help from a high level subbed to unlock the classic wow version of scholomance and stratholme

these versions can not be qued LFD when you unlock them

the LS enchant drops in the very first part
Any shoulder/head enchants that pure f2p can use?

wondering about best weapon enchants for hunter now,
and not going to bother with epic shards in Legioon for neck satyr, to much hassle, and i have a high level of engineering i dont want to lose
I haven't had a chance to check yet, but the pvp shoulder enchant from wintergrasp might be usable. There's also one from Aldor/scryer rep iirc
Seems likely that any SL enchant that gives stats/stat proc is req. clvl 50, exception seem to be the gimmick enchants: HS cd, fall damage reduction etc.

Again there's some scaling weirdness as any of the expansion enchants are scaled down significantly.
I want to test the cata scaling, but I don't know of a good way to get greens for dust and essence to level past 25ish (seems like DE cap is around thereish). Any tips? Once high enough, the old JP/VP vendors are obviously the best way forward.

Unless someone has tested everything and we know of clear bis winners? Please share that too then.
just checked between my sub and ftp account about the leg/shoulder chants...all the leg/shoulder stuff on the ah requires lvl 21 minimum, but the mop LW leg chant works :)
what leg enchants? and did you apply them urself or have some1 else apply them in trade window?
So things with more sockets (but lower ilvl) are better a lot of the times now. can someone look at my warrior and tell me which slots have clear upgrades?
no charts yet but i see ppl makin some choices. what do we know so far as preferred for spell/melee?
Could anyone check out howmuch the Cata enchant mighty agility gives to lv 20s? originally it gives 21 agi

that seems the best weapon/bow enchant- but have to farm mobs from greens to get it.

And enchants on boots should be better then minor speed now, but not all of them seem to stack and give the full 10%-im having an eye on pandaria blurred speed chant
So gear with multiple sockets is king now? I'm happy I hoarded all my TBC gear when warforged took over
Im not so sure it might be best to have wf gear with sockets and tert still. At the end game seems still bis to be fully wf with tert and sockets. But if ur not super socketed up on all 6 wf gear (or 2 from mechagon rings) your toon might preform better with 1 or more pieces from TBC. Seems to depend on class too. At least from my experimentation.
Yeah idk, I thought I could get rid of my dumb parrot feather cloak finally, but after doing the math, it's still the best I can do for pure int cause it's gf'd and has the chant/socket :(
I have way too many things with sockets that I can't justify using over ilvl100 gear, theres certain things though like cloth TBC 2P shoulders/gloves with 4 sockets total thats an improvement but I dislike the idea of dropping so much stam, especially as a healer, for a tick of hp that you might not even get before you're burst down.

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