Dragonflight F2P & Veteran Armory

-- Veteran --

-- Æch, Resto Shaman

With a DPS Resto Shaman I placed zero stat points into Mastery because Shaman Mastery doesn't provide any increase to DPS and scaled healing at lvl 20 is OP already.

-- Willyßob, Protection Paladin

-- TinyPoo, Arcane Mage

The Twink stat set I put together for the mage has:
Crit: 32.78%, 111 pts
Haste: 16.52%, 58 pts
Mastery: 33.03%, 78 pts
Vers: 25.27%, 115 pts

I want to keep Vers > Crit in points b/c of Machinist's Brilliance will boost the highest stat by 4 (as scaled to lvl 20) to return an immediate increase in DPS.
Whereas, the class talent Overflowing Energy provides Crit a percentage increase that is not involved in determining which stat the enchant buff is placed (from observation).
I would like to try to get Crit to 112 and reduce Vers to 114 to have a consistent 33.33% in Crit, but with Overflowing Energy its not an immediate priority.
At this point, I'm just looking for same/equivalent gear with sockets to increase Mastery.
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