df gear on sl capped account

Well it took blizz like 6 months to fix the SL rep gear on 50s last xpac, and only after the SL geared twinks were running rampant thru the bgs for a while. As far as how it's done I think it's much the same... buy DF for your lvl 60, get all the gear while staying 60, then pay for a xfer to a SL only account.
Krater is correct. Someone in the alliance com was testing this today, and it seems all you have to do is camp certain spots to get that gear... "Low effort and tedious" were the words he used to describe it.
@zazzyfraz Are cobalt rings still obtainable as level 60? And is it worth it to farm rare that drops other 350ilvl blue gears?
May not be worth it now... Our DF geared friends were fairly irate last night and mentioned once or twice that gear on the ptr, in bgs, was scaling down to ilvl 180ish.

No idea how true that is though.

EDIT: it was not true.
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