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i know people can be huge NIN die-hards, but they've never really been for me.
the odd thing here and there has caught my interest though, and this is one of them:
NIN w/ Gary Numan doing a live version of the song that launched the 80s synth sound into the popular consciousness, which I appreciate for being true to the original spirit and not overly-inserting their own style into it.

this performance is mentioned in this interview as the thing that got gary to get over resenting being his 1 hit wonder and wanting to get away from and out of his own shadow. several other interesting parts of this interview including how the song was basically inspired by a road-rage event.

and lastly, a good extended version of the orig
Taken some time offline, enjoying the summer like the old days: Going outside too much, drinking too much, playing guitar till the sun comes up & listening to old CD's.
Far, far too many to name: GoAT albums, delicious Guilty pleasures, old roomate's bands, compilation CD's from work with titles like 'Get The Fuck Out music' & 'Sexy Lounge-after dinning'... but an odd-ball rolled out from neath a dusty stack & spilled out memories of a wild night off at a nightclub I worked at
& the most astonishingly ugly & ear-melting-aircraft carrier tarmac-loud band I've ever heard live : Part Chimp.
Recent offering here... Fun, goofy little video.
Hurting peoples chance at reproduction at Desertfest London '22
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