craftable gear scales to ilvl 69 with gift wrap

What did I just read? ^

Anyways. Anyone queuing bgs with this, speed bug or mastery trinket bug is scum.

While I doubt blizz can ban for their negligence, I hope they make an exception for the folks in this category
Foolish babel is all i read when some stupid ass posts ( like some noble scum ) that twink deserves twinks and its those that twink and fight others that arent twinked that are fuckin idiots if thats the case then why twink at all...hell fight naked....people twinked from the get go to get one up on enemy.... but i hear fuckin RETARDS say twinks deserve twinks....BABEL is all this i said if this is the case then stop twinking and just gear with regular dungeon drop or heirloom or better yet naked. STFU with this stupid ass nobility shit of twink vs twink babel. Go polish a fuckin turd

Can I have that but in english?
When you big english but actually your english is a small turd :sadge:

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