EU+US Combat Rating System - Secondary stat scaling

Discussion in 'Level 80-89' started by Warlockhomes, Jun 13, 2020.

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    Hi All

    I am messing about playing with a prot pally, Currently lv79, does any1 know where if at all possible, i can find out the Combat Rating system differences between a lv79 & 80?

    i know that the secondary stats are worth more at the lower end of an expansion bracket, so they are more beneficial to a lv70 than a 79.

    But if the difference between a lv79 and 80 is tiny, then i can boost myself in outland dungeons very fast and il get lv80 drops from the Legacy boost, vs having to queue for randoms and completing a full dungeon run even if my loot doesnt drop off the first boss etc because im not an A-hole and wouldnt screw over the others that have queued lol.

    Any1 know if this is listed anywhere on the net?

    thanks :)

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