Charax Guide: When to Laugh Appropriately

Discussion in '19s (Vanilla)' started by Charax, Jun 28, 2020.

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    Over the years fighting infidels in the various battlegrounds, I have encountered FOOLS who laugh inappropriately. Whether it is a “bur” or a “kek”, I wonder what goes through their mind when they are laughing when they are getting slaughtered.

    Today, I inhibited the avatar of Moorax, a Tauren shaman purifying the souls of fellow Horde, while purging the rot of filthy Alliance. The match had recently commenced and an Alliance paladin known for stealing our sacred flag rushed towards our base. The Horde converged on him, purging and bashing and slicing...and then he laughed a few times. He then cast Lay on Hands and laughed again before we beat him down to his death.

    If there was a purpose to his foolishness, such as drawing us away from someone else who would grab our flag, I could understand his laughing. But to blow his hour long cooldown and die so pointlessly seemed cause for us to laugh at him, as I assuredly did.

    LOLing in a situation before your impending death may occasionally be appropriate. For example, this morning, my FC was running down mid, and two nearby fools were oblivious to his presence and proceeded to chase me. I fled to the corner of the map and they pursued, while our FC had a free ride to our base to cap. As I turned around in the corner of the map to face my demise, I uttered a “lol” at them as they made me a martyr for the greater glory of the Horde. Perhaps they thought me mad for laughing pointlessly in their minds but I truly did laugh appropriately!

    If you lack battleground awareness, you may not know if your opponent has reason to laugh. If he’s laughing, did you make a critical mistake or is he simply an idiot?
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