Caroline Cup 5.0


Hello Players
Since the cat is out of the bag now, I'm devastated to announce Caroline Cup 5.0 is a HORDE tournament and is being held on the last weekend of March:

Draft: Thursday, March 23rd
Semifinals: Friday, March 24th and Saturday, March 25th
Finals: Sunday, March 26th

So thankful that @Pizza has agreed to cast and to @Darkchewie @Schloops@Samhain and @Cqhfor agreeing to captain this time around.

We are implementing a few new rules for wrath, and I highly encourage you all to read them in rules before signing up. These rules have room to be tweaked before the draft, and I highly encourage you to post in the feedback channel with opinions. As usual, please tell your friends and encourage them to sign up.

There will be a voluntary buy in of $20 for this tournament. If you play on the winning team, including as a fill, you will receive a cut of the portion in the winner's pot.

Hey - Figured out that Caroline didn't actually do advertise here so I thought I'd make a post if some people aren't aware of this.
it's a community made tournament just for entertaining purpose (ofc everyone play to win). It's already the 5th she made and if you're willing to participate.
It will also be casted as said in her post in case you can't participate but still willing to watch it
Sign up gform:
Pizza's cast stream:

this is ofc exclusive for NA subscription players
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