Call of the Scarab (with BONUS, UNTIL TO JANUARY 23) [READ!!!]


In this month unusual event! If you complete all the event tasks, you can receive free 100 Trader's Tender for Trading Post.

It's works on the pure F2P and also for Veterans!

Tasks which you must complete:
- Emote /taunt at an opposite faction player in Silithus;
- Complete the world quest Silithyst in Silithus;
- Kill a Colossus in Silithus;
- Kill a Colossus at each of the Silithid Hives in Silithus (3);
- Donate war supplies 3 times to the cause in Silithus (better use meat from Legion zones - x60)

When you did all tasks, return in Storwmind/Orgrimmar and receive your Trader's Tenders. Just use the chest!
Great post, Reidor Thanks

- Kill a Colossus in Silithus;
- Kill a Colossus at each of the Silithus Hives in Silithus(3);
This was a little ambiguous, just need to kill each of the 3 Colossus (Ashi, Regal, and Zora)
They spawn sequentially every ~20 mins.

I soloed 1 of them as a F2P 20 Guardian druid. Took almost 15 mins. to kill him. Players showed up on the other 2 Colossus, so was easy.
Tip: Find a place to wedge your back against a wall. The Colossus Smash knocks u back about 100 yds and can kill you.

I tried the quests on a lv 15 hunter. He was able to complete all the quests.
The quest to kill 4 summoned templars was a bit of an issue. The Cultist cowl, shoulders, robes require level 17 to use.
But I waited at the Lesser Wind Stone for others to come and summon the templars and I tagged them. They counted and completed the quest.
The lv 15 was not able to open the Trader's post chest (can only do once per acct I assume. Will test another lv 20 character).
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