BFA dungeons no loot?


I did many Atal'Dazar and Freehold runs but didn't get a single item from bosses only gold.
Is this a bug? I'm unlinked f2p.
It's an old char, but first time I've done BfA dungeons. I've just done another Freehold run and got a green, but no loot from a boss. All other players got loot. Strange.
I haven’t had any issues with BFA dungeons.
But it isn’t uncommon to do a party run and not get something yourself.
I’m sure it’s just some bad luck.
Keep trying.
Just bad luck imo, Legion dungeons bosses on the other hand don't drop for anyone.
It drops eventually, still missing a few socketed pieces on different toons but it does drop after some time. Getting a tertiary+socket is very rare though, and you have to cope with the extreme toxicity of BfA pugs (in EU at least), if you want to farm Freehold/Atal you're much better off asking in 20's in-game community chat or discord for a group to do it.
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Found out that if you solo BFA/Legion dungeons as F2P you are not getting any loot (only golds) from bosses. :(
edit:// Got first drop from Priestess in Atal'Dazar. 3/4 golds only. Seems like drops are not guaranteed when solo.
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Got issues with Shadowlands dungeons and farming trinkets. Taking advantage of the free game time I decided to farm Da Other Side dungeon by grouping up my 20 hunter on DF account one with my 20 paladin on non DF account 2. Did 6 runs / 24 bosses total and got 0 item drops.

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