azerite traits when switching factions: finding equivalent pieces


I'm trying to start out a 110 twink, but i am having trouble finding information in order to properly plan out the azerite rewards from quest zones.

I'm using, wowhead and wowpedia, but i still can't find the links between the gear and quests.

For example i want to use Outrigger Chainmail (Alliance) on my horde shaman, i know this is a reward from tirigarde sound. The faction equivalent would be Zuldazar, but then i can't find the equivalent chest piece.

How do i know if i will keep the traits or lose them? I don't want to faction change just to get random traits instead. I've read that it is possible to plan what traits will change to, to at least know before the faction change how the piece will look like, but using the sources i mentioned i have been unable so far to find the different faction match ups.
There's some small levels of trial and error, but the zones transfer in this way
Stormsong valley = voldun, tiragarde sound = zuldazar, and drustvar = nazmir

So for outrigger chainmail, that's in Tiragarde sound, so you'd need to track down the chest from zuldazar.

If there's multiple pieces from that zone (two chests from drustvar/nazmir, two shoulders from stormsong valley/voldun, two helms from tiragarde sound/zuldazar, i've found you need to figure out if the item was from the middle of the zone chapter quest, or end, and then it will correlate with the opposite faction zone's order for that. For this case, your after the outrigger chest from tiragarde sound, so that's easy since there's only one azerite chest piece rewarded in that zone (and it's opposite faction zone), so you'd need, the azerite chestpiece rewarded in zuldazar.

Hope that helps

(Iv done faction xfers a total of 4 times now between 3 characters working to get specific traits at 300, and have been able to plan out my azerite traits with the above successfully.)

Edit: Worth noting, *some* trinkets also faction xfer if they had a counterpart in the opposite faction zone, nothing I saw that mattered much, but one example I noticed was my ilvl 213 , ended up turning into for some reason. Although my original from the drustvar quest stayed the same item after the transfer. (I mention ilvl because if it turns rare on that quest, it procs to 208.) I doubt this helps much, but something I found interesting.

Edit2: This is probably worth explaining, for the item naming for azerite pieces, (outrigger/crone-seeker etc), that's honestly just working out what zone is matches up to by knowing which zone that generic trait is from. For example, Tradewinds is in tiragarde, so you'd know the front part of the azerite armor name for your class/armor (outrigger for mail as an example) just by searching that tradewind trait on, and seeing which pieces have the alliance logo next to them, and are not pvp items (dread aspirant/honorbound/7thlegion etc). So just process of elimination, but it makes sense once you do it once.

If your unsure what traits come from that zone, check the azerite items that drop from the dungeon in that zone, (waycrest manor in drustvar for example), and you'll see the generic traits are ruinous bolt/blightborne infusion so then you can search those and figure out the name for the azerite items rewarded from that zone.
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If you’re saying that you want to keep the alliance Azerite quest gear(traits) as horde, you won’t be able to. They’ll change.

There are some azerite combinations unavailable for each faction. For example, I learned the hard way that there is no Thunderous Blast Plate shoulder piece for Alliance at 119, but there is for horde (I guess it ended up being alright though since they recently nerfed it)
Correct, it converts, you can't keep the quest item from horde side and it stay the same after the transfer to alliance and vice versa. So for example, on my warrior, if I want 3x reckless fury traits, I have to go horde for the helm out of nazmir. It's the only one available with that trait at 110. Correct on thunderous blast, i'm in the same boat on some characters i'm looking at with those proc traits especially, the more fun ones seem to all be horde.

Mostly the benefit of faction changing is the opportunity to get more azerite pieces at level 300 instead of 285 (or at all), so stormsong valley I believe has the same quest that offers the helm and shoulder's with the tidal surge trait, so you'd only be able to get one of those, but if you start as horde and choose that equivalent item horde side then faction swap after, it will convert, you can go do the quest and you'll be able to just choose the other item and have both at 300 with the proper planning. I personally am aiming to land my shaman as horde since thunderousblast/rezan's fury seems like a fun combo overall and that 15ilvl difference will make a decent impact damage wise but i'll see how I feel once I wrap up all the quests ally side first.
So, if I wanted to find three azerite pieces I want at iLvl 300 when I faction change to Alliance, I just need to quest, get those, and then faction change back to Horde and that's it? I get to keep them?

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