Are there any level 30 guilds out there?


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I've got two level 30 twinks that I used to get herald of the titans with my (non-twink) guild last year for something to do at the end of BFA during the level squish.

We raided ulduar and did some ToGC.

I'm not even sure if level 30 is still a thing--I know level 20 is active.

I am looking for something similar now, maybe just one raid a week or something. I've met someone who does level 20 twinking and am thinking about starting one of those, but am curious as to if there's anything I could join now with what I have.

These are my twinks and would prefer to play the priest (shadow or disc), but will play anything if there is something out there.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for any help.
Sorry, I posted another thread in the WoW subforum. Apologies--new to site. I'd delete this thread but don't see a button to do so.

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