US [A] <Scuffed Guild> Stormrage


<Scuffed Guild> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Alliance looking to effectively and efficiently complete current raiding content while having fun. We are searching for a few more talented raiders to fill our mythic roster so we can start mythic progression and go into Nighthold with a strong group. We strive to be the best that we can be through a humorous, easy-going, and constructive raiding environment.

We expect our raiders to attend at least 90% of our raids, be able to listen to directions, be open to constructive criticism/feedback, and be able to focus during progression.

- Closed

Melee DPS:
- Closed

Ranged DPS:
- Demonology Warlock
- Fire Mage
- Destruction Warlock
- Marksmanship Hunter

- Restoration Shaman
- Holy Paladin

Raid Times:
- Friday 8-11pm EST
- Saturday 8-11pm EST

- Discord

Contact Info:
- Waves#11580
- Hy2thepoxia#1822​

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