80-89 2s Tournament 175k Prize Pool 8/25/19

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Will I continue to participate in these tournaments after the release of Classic WoW

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    With the recent success of the first two attempted 2's tournaments me and a few others have decided to host another 80-89 arena tournament. This tournament will take place on Sunday, August 25th at 8:30pm EST. This will be the last tournament before the launch of classic where we imagine most people will be taking a break from the bracket.

    If you'd like to see the VoD of the first 80-89 2s tourney, click here
    If you'd like to see the VoD of the second 80-89 2s tourney, click here

    The tournament teams are created via registration on the Challonge website. The link to which will be posted later on in the post. Anyone who's looking for a partner and wants to participate can use the Bnet community group, discord, and this forum to find someone.

    Tournament Rules (subject to change):

    -Require at least 8 teams for the tournament to occur

    -No double healer comp

    -No use of [Pendant of the Violet Eye] or [Meteorite Crystal]

    -Only allowing comp swapping after a loss

    -BO5 up until the finals which will be a BO7

    Yes, comps such as double ret were thought of and deemed appropriate for this tournament. Although they are strong, they are not game breaking and can be countered with correct counter play. Unlike the last two tournament’s we’re ALLOWING double rogue. This is more an experiment to see whether it’s as broken as theorized. Also your boy Frost really wants to play it and if he’s casting it’ll be entertaining to watch.

    Important: You are limited to two members to each team BUT NOT TWO CHARACTERS. If after a loss you or your teammate would like to change the comp you are playing you are allowed to do so. As long as the character being switched to is owned by one of the two team members.(yes this gives an advantage to multiclassers and may be subject to change but unlikely due to how badly some comps counter others).


    -1st Place: 100k
    -2nd Place: 50k
    -3rd Place: 25k

    The prize gold will be given to the winners on Alliance-Stormrage/Darkspear after the tournament is complete.

    I will be streaming this event at twitch.tv/reguvenizerBKD


    For anyone who finds bugs/items which should be banned in the tournament, don't hesitate to let us know so that we can ban them ahead of time.

    For any more information relating to the tournament contact the hosts of the tournament at

    Battletags: Kane98#11747 or Pitted#1683
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