60s xrealm commchat & weekly fated raids


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the same group that raided nyalotha as 50s last xpac, working our way to weekly mythic fullclears, is now doing shadowlands raiding at 60. us servers, raid time is currently 930pm est wednesdays. fated normal proved too easy, so we're doing fated heroic for now, intending to learn for mythic.

there's three comms that get the raids posted to their calendars. findable in the ingame comm-search, though probably not easily, as it's crappy.
"60 pvp sl" - most chatty, ppl group to pvp. still alli only i think
"sl raids weekly" - an outgrowth of the 1st group to include non60s that like to come too. xfac.
"bfa 50 pvp" - a seemingly dead xfac comm, but therefore horde can join that don't go for the 2nd group.

i don't get on horde much, but i know at least 1 horde comm that seems alive: "sl 60s horde".
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well, the thursday after i posted this blizz removed fated finally =p bis unobtainable now.

we've space for more of either faction that wanna come. cleared nonfated mythic castle nathria tonight.
Are you guys still raiding then currently? I can't seem to find anyone bothering to play a 60. This particular forum is dead, in game group finder is dead, and the horde / xfac coms you listed are dead.
tw black temple was this week, bfa raid tour was last week.
i'd guess back to myth sepulcher next week but idk.
looks like it'll be timewalk ulduar tomorrow, i think someone's trying to get a myth nzoth going on friday or something.
If anyone would like an invite to the SL 60s Horde or Alliance SL 60s communities , or the raiding community we have, you can hit me up: Vailnite#1351

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