19s Ladder & Wargame Thread


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The what
The 19s community has an MMR system.
All Guild v Guild (10v10) wargames get registered.
People who compete in the premade scene, gain or lose rating, depending on their performance.
The ladder can be viewed here.

There are currently three main tabs.
  • Leaderboards: an overview of rating, W/L etc.
  • Guild History: a more detailed view on specific guilds and their match history.
  • All: Gives you the ability to view ALL matches

In the guild history tab, you are able to see all matches for the selected guild, as well as specific matchups - only against certain opponents.

The how
The MMR system is based on the regular ELO algorithm, which is widely used in games like chess.
In addition to the Elo algorithm, there has also been added more complex algorithm (Trueskill*), to help the rating and ranking be as accurate to "team-skill" as possible.
*This takes things like amount of caps, duration and how well you performed against X team compared to previous teams - into account.
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With the new rating system, GSC will start uploading vods of their PoV in GvG games.
- For anyone who is interested in watching player perspective

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